Questions about air duct cleaning in Memphis TNWe are asked this question on the daily basis and I feel it’s important to answer these questions in complete detail.

The cost for duct cleaning depends on the size of the structure, how many units are associated with the system, and is there a existing problems with the system. We start our quotes out with the size of the system. A standard house will have one HVAC system. Commercial systems will have multiple units, VAV boxes and fan coil units associated with it. So this plays a big role in the price. A typical 1000 sq ft house can cost $200.00 – $300.00. This price depends on where you’re located in the country and the competition in your city. This price should include every part of the system. That should include but not limited to duct work, sanitizing the system, and inspection. The air handler should also be cleaned and sanitized. This should include coils, blower, interior housing and condensate pan. Every part of the system that has to do with the air flow has to be cleaned and sanitized. If not you run the risk of cross contaminating the parts that were cleaned with the ones that weren’t. This leads me into the ads you may see that say $59.99 whole house clean. These ads are placed to get there foot in the door and then up sell you on parts of the system that aren’t included in there price. The facts are every part of that system has to be cleaned. We go after these bait and switch companies all the time and clean up the mess they made and usually leave there under the price they give after upselling. We do not consider these companies are competition and never will. We are proud members of NADCA and proudly abide by their code of ethics. We take are work very seriously and follow NADCA’S ACR and code of ethics above and beyond.

Does are service make a difference. Yes it does. This service can be seen instantly in cases of mold, dust, pollen, dead rodents, construction debris and smoke in the system. I have gotten calls the following day after our service was preformed thanking us of the way are service gave them better indoor air quality. We have air tests that have shown us getting rid of mold in the system verified from labs across the US.

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