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Breath Clean

Breathe in. Exhale. Repeat. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Breathing is an unconscious act and something we do all day, every day. You might be surprised to learn that each day the average adult takes about 21,600 breaths. Think about it for a moment. 21,600 breaths…

That is a lot of air being taken into your body in the space of 24 hrs. Do you ever wonder about what else those 21,600 plus breaths might be bringing into your body? Memphis Air Duct Cleaning companies do. We think about it all the time because we are committed to ensuring that the indoor air you breathe is clean and good for your health.


Most people are aware that high levels of air pollution can really harm a person’s overall health. What most people probably don’t know, though, is that it is indoor air not outdoor air that is usually the greatest source of airborne contaminants. In fact, many doctors believe that these contaminants are to blame for up to 50% of overall health issues.
Where do these indoor contaminants come from? In most cases, the culprit is a poorly maintained central air handling system. The ducts and vents that make up an air handling system easily collect dust and other particulates. Just routine use over time leads to contaminants building up in an air handling system and all this build-up is a potentially serious health hazard.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Says

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, dirty central air handling systems are potential breeding grounds for some pretty nasty things like:

  1. Dust
  2. Mold
  3. Mildew
  4. Spiders and Bugs
  5. Rodent droppings
  6. And allergens like pollen and pet dander

All of a sudden, taking a simple breath might pose a real threat to your health or the health of your loved ones. For those people susceptible to respiratory problems like asthma, contaminated air is an even more serious problem. Considering that most people spend about 90% of their day indoors, indoor air quality becomes something worth thinking about.


Along with critically important health benefits, a clean central air handling system saves you money on your energy bill and helps your system last longer.

Here are some important facts:

  • Removing less than 1/2 inch of dust from central air conditioning cooling coils will reduce energy usage by up to 20 percent.
  • Complete cleaning can improve system efficiency by up to 50%.
  • 90% of central heating and air conditioning systems fail because of poor or nonexistent system maintenance.



Many times a musty odor, visibly dirty air registers, sudden health problems such as headaches, or allergy problems can be a sign that the air handling system has collected contaminants, dirt, and debris.  Air fresheners and candles only mask the odor and they do nothing to solve the problem. To ensure the air quality problem is properly addressed, contact the Air Duct Cleaning professionals found here at this site. We are your best and most reliable resource for thorough air handling system cleaning and maintenance.

We at DuctClean Air Duct Cleaning Memphis TN have the years of experience in safely and completely removing dust and other contaminants from your air handling system components. We install the proper filters for your system and provide all the information you need to check that your air handling system is operating properly. The professionals at DuctClean Air Duct Cleaning Memphis TN will make sure that the air you breathe is air you want to breathe.


DuctClean Air Duct Cleaning Of Memphis offers to all our customers the most reliable and affordable Air Duct Cleaning service in the US.  Our entire staff is totally committed to delivering the best service quickly and professionally. We are proud that when we finish a job, it’s done right and the customer is satisfied – and safe.

No one says it better than the people we serve:


“I give them an excellent rating. Presented their business in a very professional manner. All efforts taken to provide meticulous service.”

Julie W


“Prompt service and problem corrected. Highly recommended…”

Jean Y


“They are very professional and came out the same day I called. They did an excellent job cleaning my vent ducts and were reasonably priced compared to other companies. I would highly recommend them.”

Karen J


“Prompt, polite, good…”

Mitch F



This is the season when smart homeowners are planning inspection and cleaning of their key home systems.  Do the best to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Call DuctClean Duct Cleaning of Memphis for an FREE evaluation of your central air and heating vent system and dryer vents. We promise you an accurate assessment of cleaning and maintenance requirements. We also promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work, or you do not pay a penny.

Please give one of our Memphis Air Duct Cleaning companies a call today and know that your home will be a safer and healthier place to be for those you love most.



The complete service DuctCleanUS Air Duct Cleaning of Memphis offer doesn’t end with your air handling system. While dirty central air handling systems can breed contaminants, dirty dryer vents can breed fires. 
  • All a fire needs to start is a combination of heat and dryer lint stuck in the dryer exhaust vent.
  • Once a fire starts, it spreads within minutes and can completely engulf a house in flames.
  • Experts estimate that dryer vent fires cost $90 million in property damage each year.
Thorough cleaning of the dryer exhaust vent can help protect your home and loved ones and no company is more thorough than this Duct and Vent Cleaner. We take the time to make sure that all lint and other combustibles are completely removed from the dryer exhaust tube and vents.

We are so confident our service will exceed your expectations that we are offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

That’s right! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, we will GLADLY refund your entire purchase price! There is NO RISK involved with our product!



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